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    Municibid Marketing Machine

    No one does more to market your items!

Municibid Marketing cuts through the noise!

We work to get your items in front of the right buyers. Your items will be marketed using a properly funded, targeted approach that utilizes several proven methods, mediums and channels on a local, regional and national level. Municibid's success is completely aligned with the results of your auction items.

All of this delivers better results for your items!

Social Media Marketing

Municibid successfully uses the targeted marketing opportunities on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide to get your items in front of the right people and engage with them. And it works!


Bidders are on Facebook and so is Municibid!

Municibid takes a serious approach to marketing your items on Facebook through targeted, paid posts and advertisements that drive real traffic and buyers to your items.

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We will also work with your social media person or team and web developer to ensure you are helping us help you get the word out about your online auction through your website and your social media channels.

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Industry Websites

When it comes to specific items in certain industries Municibid gets your items listed on industry website directories and into industry databases that buyers are looking at every day.


Municibid Messenger

Municibid Messenger in its simplest form it is an outstanding support chat tool, however we are also able to gather valuable information to better communicate and interact with our users.

What does this mean for you? We are able alert users, who are near your area and/or interested in items that you are selling, that your items are available to be bid on. We can also contact previous bidders of your items to let them know about new items you have for auction.

Since these messages show on our site, we have an over 80% open rate, compared to what’s considered a great open rate of 20% for email alerts. If the user has been on the site in a day or more, the alert will be sent automatically as an email. All of this means better results for your items!

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Bidder Engangement

Auction Alerts
Allows users to be emailed daily summarizing any new auction listings matching the keywords they specify.

Seller Follow
Users can follow any selling agency and be emailed in the same daily summary as above when auction items are posted by the agency they're following.

Morning Reminders
This helpful, friendly email reminder is sent in the morning to bidders or watchers of items that are closing that day.


Deals Near Me
Visitors to the site may sign up for a free notification of deals near them. This email goes out twice per month to notify bidders of deals in their area.

Content Email Lists
Municibid delivers high quality content to buyers interested in buying your surplus items and builds opt-in email lists. We then market your items to the appropriate list in an informative, welcomed manner.

Radius Email
These highly selective emails get your items in front of other government agencies in a certain radius around you that may be interested in the items you're selling.

Monthly Newsletter
Municibid Monthly, our monthly newsletter brings featured auctions to more than 50,000 subscribers.

Other Marketing Methods

Print advertisement
Let's face it, while not as effective as it used to be, sometimes good old fashion print advertising still works.

Direct Mail
Yes, snail mail can be a highly effective way to bring in buyers if done correctly.

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Press Coverage

Your items will see huge exposure and more bids via the positive press we generate for your online auction.

Whether it’s TV News, Radio News, Newspapers, Local Blogs, or Podcasts, public relations campaigns are an important piece of Municibid Marketing and will drive huge exposure to your auction items while shining a positive light on you for utilizing technology to increase revenue from surplus items and increasing efficiency in your organization.

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Press Coverage Samples

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You may think there’s not much of a market for a totaled ambulance, but ever since they started putting these items online, there has been a bid increase in the number of bids. That means more money going back to the City Parish.

— WAFB9 Live News

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The department is auctioning off the Firefighter, a 72-foot, 1,050-horsepower fireboat that has patrolled the waters of Boston Harbor since 1972…. The department listed the fireboat on municibid.com, a government auction website, on Monday. The auction ends Jan. 30, as long as the $10,000 minimum bid is met.

— Boston.com, Interested in Making Rainbows? Boston Fire Department Auctions Off old Fireboat

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The item that brought in the most money was the Corvette, which was originally listed for $951. It sold for $3,300, more than three times the original listed price. Another moneymaker was a 1971 Bombadier Sidewalk Plow. The original price was $500, but it ended up selling for $1,605. It has found a new home in New Jersey.

— The Patriot Ledger, Online Auction Producing Money for Stoughton