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Municibid's marketing team gives you the most exposure and best quality bidders for the highest winning bid prices for your surplus. Trusted by over 5,000 government agencies nationwide.

Sophie Eden

Welcome to Municibid!

My #1 priority is to put your surplus in front of the best bidders so you receive the most to reinvest back into your community. Whether you need a new truck or to support a program, surplus sold on Municibid has generated millions of dollars back into cities, police departments, DPWs, and more local governments and schools like yours.

The exposure your surplus assets receive at Municibid is parallel to none. Our marketing department has expertise in launching press releases, ads, mailings, social media, email campaigns, and more to bring the best customers for your surplus.

We provide all of these marketing services for you at 0 cost to you. You keep 100% of your auction proceeds.


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Sophie Eden

Director of Marketing at Municibid

“Municibid provides a powerful platform to reach prospective buyers. It's simple, easy to use and time-saving, making the municipal property management and liquidation process seamless.”

Jeffrey Kratz

Towamencin Township, PA

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2014 Chevrolet Silverado

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Marketing Matters

Why Marketing Matters

Marketing is what brings in the most qualified bidders to your surplus auctions. It’s not enough to simply put your surplus in front of millions of people, we create custom marketing campaigns to reach the right people.

With our marketing behind your surplus auctions, we provide you with the highest quality bidders and most competitive bidding for the highest selling prices.

We’re the little fish in a sea of big fish that means the little things matter to us. Whether it be sending an email to a specially curated list of bidders or personally speaking at an interview about your surplus, we go the extra 100 miles for you.

Your Success = Our Success

All of our services are 100% free for you. No matter how many ads or marketing initiatives we do for you, we never charge you a single cent for our marketing services.

Our business model is aligned with your success. We charge the winning bidder a buyer’s fee that is a percentage of their winning bid. Our incentive is to sell your surplus for the most. It truly is a win-win for both of us.

Plus you’ll save thousands of dollars if not more in hauling fees by selling your surplus instead of throwing it away.

We look forward to maximizing your returns with your surplus!

“We have realized hundreds of thousands of dollars funneled back into the District’s operating budgets, have saved thousands on hauling (dumping) fees, and have kept tons of surplus out of the landfills!”

Robert Schultz

Lower Merion School District, PA

How We Do It

Along with a large audience, we target the most qualified bidders.

Right People

We have a deep understanding of our audience with user personas. We consistently communicate with our bidders. We have advanced data tracking and analysis of our website users and bidders.

Right Message

We target content by past bidding activity, item category, and location. We analyze messaging performance data to continually improve. We have a strong presence on channels our audience is active on.

Right Time

We have regular communications to stay top of mind with our bidders. We optimize sending days and times. We maximize marketing of items in correlation to current market trends and seasons.

Methods of Marketing

Your surplus is marketed across traditional and digital mediums to get the most exposure.

Facebook Shop

As soon as your item is listed on Municibid, it is automatically listed on the Facebook Shop as well. The Facebook Shop is one of the largest marketplaces for used goods.


We regularly send emails with recommended items based on bidders’ preferences. 28% of our emails are opened by bidders vs 9-15% industry average open rate.

Paid Media

From Facebook ads to Google ads, your surplus is featured where your bidders are. We can target people by location and interests, so your surplus is in front of the most qualified bidders.


Whether your local news station or international TV, our PR experts spread the news about your surplus. For example, a radio interview by The Bruce St. James Show on WLS-AM 890 Chicago resulted in a 350% increase in user registrations.

Social Media

From posts, chats, to groups, we’re always growing our bidder community and giving your surplus the maximum exposure on social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

Niche Market Sites

Our marketing team shares your items on category specific marketplaces. For example, heavy equipment listings are posted on Construction Equipment Guide, My Little Salesman, and more.


We provide insights to our audience on bidding tips, car buying, and more so they can make the best decisions. A well-informed bidder is a better bidder and helps decrease bidder defaults.

Direct Mailings

We put your surplus in the hands of bidders with postcards, letters, etc. Even for bidders who aren’t tech savvy with social media, your surplus is being seen by them too with direct mailings

“Municibid has been a great resource - if I have any problems creating the post for my items, the staff are very helpful. The bid amounts always exceed our expectations"

Gwen Jonik

Upper Uwchlan Township, PA