Paying for your items through Municibid

Congratulations on winning your auction(s)!

The seller has asked Municibid to handle the payment of the item for your winning bid amount.

Follow these Simple Steps

We have made it easy for you to pay for your items. Please follow these steps below to ensure you have the best experience as possible.

Step 1 - Review your Invoice


Invoices, with your total amount due, will be emailed once all of the auctions for the seller have ended for the day. Please be patient as this could take a few hours.  You can also view your invoice in my account under purchases.

Only after you have received your invoice should you proceed to pay for your item.

Tax exempt? Send us your resale or tax exempt certificate and we'll remove any tax charged.
Submit Resale or Tax Exempt Certificate

Step 2 - Pay for your item


Payment in full is due no later than 3 business days from the date of the end of the auction. Please refer to your invoice for how much you owe.

What about my buyers fee?
Your buyers fee was already charged to your suppled credit card at the close of the auction.

Payments may take 24-48 hours to clear. A paid invoice will be emailed once your payment has cleared.

Methods of Payment

To avoid delay in processing payments, please include your invoice number with all sent payments.

I want to pay online


A free and safe way to send money using information found on a check.

Pay with your Credit Card

Request to pay for your items via credit card. Click on the button below to receive instructions on how to pay with a credit card.

$5,000 limit on credit card transactions

A 3% convenience fee applies to all credit card transactions.

Pay with Credit card

*Credit Card limit and convenience fee waived for auctions from NH Department of Administrative Services in accordance with Contract 8002566

I want to wire money

Wire Transfer

For security reasons, please request wire transfer information below.

I want to mail my payment

Mail Payment (Slowest)
We only accept the following:
  • Certified Check
  • Cashiers Check
  • Money Order

Make checks payable to: Municibid

Due to current delays in national mail delivery, your payments make take longer than usual to arrive and process. We are currently seeing a 3 week delay in payments arriving for processing. It is highly recommended you choose a faster option.

If mailing by US Postal Service use:
Municibid Com LLC
PO BOX 826469
Philadelphia, PA 19182-6469

Fedex/UPS or courier service use:
PNC Bank C/O Municibid Com LLC
Lockbox Number 826469
525 Fellowship Rd., Suite 330
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054-3415

We highly recommend getting tracking on your mailing

Step 3 - Pick up your item

pick up your item

Once you have received your paid invoice you can pick up your item. Pickup information will be listed on the invoice. Questions about pickup should be directed to the seller of the item.

Please bring a copy of your paid invoice with you when you pick up the item(s).

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